Donaldianas 1.“Lets make Hip Hop great again!!”

“Black Steel in the Hour of Chaos” foi editado pelos Public Enemy no albúm de 1988 It Takes a Nation of Millions to Hold Us Back. Por lastimável incúria só a conheci na boa versão de Tricky de 1995. O “Lets make Hip Hop great again!!” é o comentário mais comentado ao vídeo da canção no youtube.

Contra os que vêem nos novos media, redes sociais e afins a chegada do apocalipse, vale a pena assinalar a relevância destes comentários. Embora frequentemente desinteressantes e apesar da dificuldade de muitos diálogos não acabarem no insulto, protegido pela distância física e por vezes pelo anonimato, eles permitem uma participação no espaço público. Têm ainda valor analítico, surpreendem estados de alma e as estruturas de sentimento que definem as fronteiras do político e do estético.

Fica então uma breve polifonia de julgamentos sobre o tema do Public Enemy emprestada do youtube:

Yes soldiers let s make hip-hop great again !!!… tired of that stupid things for the last years they want to call rap !.. with Trump the world is ready to recreate new P.E new WTC new KRS !…. amen


The first song on my mind this morning after the Trump election

This kind of hip-hop is more dangerous to mainstream America than gangsta rap ever could be.
Facts, that was deep what you said.

Corporate Hip Hop celebrates black men going to prison. Revolutionary Hip Hop celebrates the emancipation of the prisoner

Chuck D never gets mentioned in the same breathe as one of the greatest, but listen to this dude spit… who out here framing stories like this?

Chuck D is probably most under rated MC of all time, just because he’s rarely mentioned in the top 3…this guy’s mic presence was fucking unbelievable. Nobody ever rhymed harder.

I remember buying this TAPE…damn this is better than 99.9% of the shit that comes out today…wish the youngsters listen to this.

Lil Wayne listen to this and then go shoot your wack ass self

Chuck d, PE, harder than any gangsta rapper or group ever.

Chuck D is a Bard. You never forget his words

This shit here is the holy bible of rap!

Who can clik dislike to this master piece???

Only a fool can do so

The goverment_

Gotta love those jangling swanky piano flurries.

“Drake don’t mean shit to me when it comes to the most powerful entity in Hip Hop history PUBLIC ENEMY!

Yo – one of the greatest albums of all time – where are all the 80’s babies at??? Don’t believe the Hype – the revolution will not be televised!

Who would have thought, looking at modern hip hop and rap (about money&bitches) that this type of music used to be very political and engaged?

That was the point of hip-hop from the very beginning. The ppl today worship money. They signed blood contracts with their “illuminati” masters. A.K.A. the “industry”!

Real black American history right here. Listen up young kids, you might learn something.

Not even 2 million views yet… but wack ass Drake got a kabillion views… this is sad. Know what, it’s not sad I’m glad PE never really went POPular. Every wack azz pop rapper of today (Drake, future, slim jesus, and a bunch of other wack mafuckerz) owe their career to Pioneers like the ones you see in this video.

This is rap. It’s not pretty cuz Rap didnt come from a pretty place.”


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